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Myriad Rhythms……Symphony of Strokes and Colours

Puja’s art and imagery has continued to transform and mature with graphic interventions in a bright palette that adorn her compositions. Marked for its bold figuration that include her all time favorite musicians, men and women along with a selection of familiar objects there is a touch of abstraction and a play of textures in her new body of work. The shift from her earlier compositions which were more focused on diagrammatic renditions is evident in the current suite. Interspersed with a range of figures, forms and icons her canvases are replete with vibrant imagery that runs through her work in a rhythm of colours.


The current collection of twenty or so paintings are not bound by a specific theme though musicians continue to feature as a recurring element in most of the works. The imagery also includes objects such as kettle, hand pump, umbrella, lamp, boat etc that add an element of relief within the compositions. The body of works seen in this exhibition includes two very large striking canvases using a bright colour palette replete with her signature strokes and textures. More recently she has moved away from pure figuration into a somewhat abstract and conceptual renderings experimenting with a different palette and imaging.

Starting with a yellow coating of the canvas just as Vincent Van Gogh did to make his imagery literally glow she uses a variety of tools, chisels, and brushes to bring a layered depth, opacity and transparency in her paintings. With a play of colours on the blank canvas, ordinary forms and objects of daily use, culled either from her personal experiences or from happenings in the world around, add to the sensorial appeal and visual pleasure. The spatial compositions are carefully balanced in diligently worked texture with strategically located elements often in an off centre position. Using rollers, spatula, knife etc she builds the textures in her compositions. The figures are added later as an afterthought to complete the picture. Puja’s colours empower her works with variant moods and emotions. It endows the work a long lasting palette in variable tones, textures and shades that enliven the images. The artist fashions a tactile interplay of spaces to create her colorful compositions.

The artist does not start with any premeditated ideas. She takes a plunge and gets going straight onto her canvas uninhibitedly as her creativity begins to flow freely and spontaneously. Her works emerge out in a fluid state of creation in a fit of spontaneity. Using mix media & oils in a brilliant symphony of brush stroke and colour she attempts to assimilate and cultivate compositions that transfer into her paintings as echoing impressions of her thoughts and feelings. The works boast a formalistic abstraction where broad brushwork against plain and textured surfaces plays an essential role.


 The collage of specially created art works presents a rich tapestry of images, ideas and inspirations. Her figuration in a riot of colours and varied textures focuses on compositions and the play of light and shade lends her palette its vibrancy, her human form a character and her painting its distinct appearance.


Puja has participated at the Florence Biennale in the last two consecutive years where her work was extremely well received. The artist had her initial training in Arts at Triveni and there on has completed several professional courses in painting and sculpture at the Central St Martin’s in London where she continues to learn about form, technique, composition and texture.

Puja Bahri


Born 1974 in Delhi, Puja Bahri graduated in English literature from Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi. Thereafter she studied interior designing from the Apeejay Institute of Design followed by training in painting and sculpture at the Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi. She has also completed several courses in Fine Art and sculpture from Central St Martin’s in London.


Puja’s paintings in a riot of colours and varied textures focuses on compositions and the play of light and shade lends her palette its vibrancy, her human form a character and her painting its distinct appearance. Her training in Interior design seems to have impacted on her art lending it that extra perceptive edge in its imaging and colouring.

At this young age, Puja has had three solo shows in Delhi and Bangalore. Her works have been exhibited in several prestigious group shows in various cities in India, Hongkong, South Africa, Malaysia, Dubai & Singapore. Her works have been part of the Florence Biennale 2007 and 2009. She artist has also been part of several art camps. Puja’s works are held in several private and corporate collections in various parts of India as well as overseas.


The artist lives and works in Delhi.

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