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Mood and Motion

The paintngs of Puja Bahri, a young self-taught artist of Delhi, reflect the artist's aim of striking a balance between mind and body, between colour and line. The interplay of these two elements allows the artist to involove textures and the illustion of light and shade through the pure use of colour to create movement optically. Her present show reflects her experience of yoga exercise and a number of her paintings can be associated with different asanas,so that in these works we get the sense of reading a manual,which placesthis series in the genre of comtemporary art works that seek inspiration from lexicons and alphabet charts. this gives them the character of a narrative.

It is to her credit, however, that she successfully resists being type-cast. Her canvases,steeped in single colours of two at most,and playing tone and from,create their own mood and motion in each individual work. So whileher works together make up a theme thatis coherent,each work is an independent entity in itself.
This coherence is visually held togetherby astyle that blend the diagrammatic figuration with deft brush work into spaces shot through with colour and hels together with whorls and bands that harmonize elements that would otherwise fall apart. She achieves this with a fitnesse self-taught artists often lack and this is proof of her entry in to the world of art as anup coming artist with a future.


Suneet Chopra
Art Critic, Writer