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Maayaa..a stop motion illusion

The video in stop motion Illusion, has been created out of nearly 6000 photographs taken on a Nikon D90 camera over a period of 5 days in 3 different locations and involving a team of 2 people. Since it is impossible to know what's really happening, we , invent, dream and take refuge in illusion. Photography is not real at all.It is an illusion of reality with which we make our own private world. Human faculty for dreaming and imagining and taking refuge in illusion that allows one to cull one's own private world out of reality is brought to play in the video. The artist's paintings appearing not on the surface of a canvas but on an imagined optical plane and over layered with a collage of imageries -- dancers, musicians and culinary acts and day to day happenings as well as sub conscious dreams interwoven with harsh realities of life- add to the magic of stop motion illusion. So that what you see is not all that you see! There are dreams to dream ...


STUDIO:Edit Junction,Delhi
PHOTOGRAPY:Nitasha Kapahi
CASTE:Bipasha Dey,Devina TABLA:AnirudhShukla,SARANGI:Ghanitshyam,­MAKEUP:Pradeep Rawat
MUSIC:Steve Conlan
Nilomani Bohra
Sushma Bahl