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Walking along the pine trains of the surreal Gairloch…very excited as the mind and eyes were trying to soak in all the splendor, I found myself moving mindfully , observing more closely and carefully, and experiencing a sublime state of awareness. Photography is a significant part of my art practice. I take photos to narrate stories.

A walk in the Flowerdale Trail was like taking a stroll in the nature's gallery that has enormous natural art formations. Uniquely beautiful twisted branches of trees, a throne like blossomed tree, massive uprooted trees with exposed roots, and new plants growing from roots of the dead trees. Many such wild and natural formations don't imitate human art forms, they simply expand it. Besides the aesthetic quality, the wild wood formations document excesses of time, its footprints, they all tell stories of times that runs parallel to human lives.

When confronted with vast and inimitable beauty of these natural 'installations' I could not help being overwhelmed and the instinctive response was to SURRENDER BEFORE THE SUBLIME.

Hence I chose to take fragments of those beautiful natural installations and contextualize them in my work in Gairloch. I have photographed some of the natural installations and place them in modern urban backdrop. I have used a mix of photography, wood, found objects and other natural materials to demonstrate a dynamic relationship between humankind and the nature.

This work tries to document a contrast between natural processes of growth and decay and the man made technological world through my photography. The work has moved into the realm of installation incorporating the natural materials as symbols in a universal language. The abandoned boats inBadachro are as if natural installations..in nature's lap. Experiencing these within the context of landscape and memory becomes a metaphor for the individual's metaphysical relationship with the natural world. I'm reminded here of the famous lines of Wordsworth; "What's the point of this life full of care if you have no time to stand and stare.".The swing made of an abandoned piece of a boat and on purpose tied upside down,has layers of meanings attached to it and is a metaphor for joy, celebration, innocence, childhood, memories and freedom that we would have experienced in our life time. The work explores diverse meanings incorporated in everyday, overlooked objects one would find around us and the viewer is invited to look more closely at that what has been experienced on a daily basis. Objects and images take on layers of meanings leading to diverse interpretations.