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How did the artist and the muse show work for me?


How did the artist and the muse show work for me?

Though my tryst with art had already started ,showing my works along with my mentor accentuated my sensitivity towards form and colour and helped me gain more  focus in streamlining my perception.


What did he tea9ch me and what have I learned from him?

I have been deeply motivated by Paresh’s work.The play of light and shade,the beauty of colours and the perfection in his compositions,have been a source of great inspiration for me.


How close was my medium to his,and what are our departure points?

I find his work bordering somewhere between realistic and abstract mesmerizing and unique.Both Paresh and I share a passion and love for colours and forms that is clearly reflected in our work.


My distinct brushstrokes and styles offer  the viewers a myriad of impressions,images and colours with a touch of sensuality and celebration of life.Even though I am greatly inspired by him as a person and a painter,I have managed to create a niche for myself where I continue to experiment with my art in different genre.